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Professional Web Maintenance and Support in Edinburgh

Are you needing a quick update on your website?, Are you wondering "How can I update my website?" Or are you looking to have your website maintained and supported on a monthly basis? Either way we can take the pain out of getting your website updated and at a sensible price with our professional website maintenance services. We can also fix bugs on your website. Check out our monthly website maintenance plans. We've made updating a website easy with our web maintenance & support services!

Why Us?

1. High Quality & Reliable

You want to know that we can do this properly? We are a team of website designers and developers who work on a wide portfolio of websites for different companies designing and building websites from scratch. So you can be sure we can make changes the best way possible and reliably. No cutting corners.

2. Excellent Customer Service

No one likes to be treated like a number. That’s why we’re people’s people and enjoy building relationships. That’s why time and time again we go the extra mile to make the experience a pleasant and easy one for you. We have some reviews from clients if you want to read them, just search for “Pretty Klicks Reviews”.

3. Dedicated Account Manager

You like to talk to people you’ve spoken to before and not strangers? We know that feeling. Every website has its own dedicated account manager so you know who to talk to.

4. Sensible Prices

You’re price conscious and want to make sure you’re not wasting money. That’s why we’ve made a sensible pricing structure which means you can get the small changes you need done fast without having to employ a full time employee or to ask your original web designer to change it for you which takes time and money.

See our pricing structure.

5. Fast Turnaround

You hate waiting, we all do. That’s why we make sure each change is implemented within 48 hours (working days). If not we’ll do it for free.

6. Updates Help With Search Engine Optimisation

Keeping your website updated regularly helps to show search engines that you’re an active website. This helps contribute to your rankings on search engines including Google. This is just a side benefit, but a good one worth mentioning we feel.

7. Added Value

We will even suggest improvements and updates for your website!

Some of our key skills

Monthly Website Management Plans & Prices



  • 1 change per month
  • 40 mins per month
  • Text & image changes
  • No minimum period
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Busy Website


  • Most popular!
  • 3 changes per month
  • 1h 30mins per month
  • Text, image & design changes
  • No minimum period
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Website Master


  • 7 changes per month
  • 4 hours per month
  • Text, images, design & functional changes!
  • No minimum period
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Have specific requirements?

The above packages are not all we offer, we can accomodate for all needs. Just contact us to ask!

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