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Do you think it would make your life easier to be able to update your website yourself or have it run itself? Do you think your website would benefit from being dynamic? Got an idea and want to put it into action but don't know how? This is where web development comes in.

Pretty Klicks can offer web development to give you more than just a website, an online application. We can tailor design and build your dynamic website from start to end. If you have an idea we can make it a reality. Web Development is key to making your website more than just a static "brochure site".

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Content Management Systems otherwise known as CMS allow you to update your own website anywhere and anytime easily. They can allow you to just change some text or add new images. Or they can let you send out a newsletter or manage users. Depending on what you want we have many soultions right through to a customly developed CMS using our web development skills.

Glasgow Web Development

Some of our key skills

How much?

Every website and web development project is different therefore we can't say how much yours will cost, however if you want to get a quote just get in contact explaining your needs and ideas and we can tell you pretty quickly what price range your website will fall into.

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