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Results driving websites created with top quality service from £500

If you are looking for a website that performs, looks good and is built well then continue on to the next step.

Web design from Glasgow

Websites that deliver tangible results in a stylish and fast way.

"Pretty Klicks are probably the best web designers in Glasgow."

Pretty Klicks was started in Glasgow officially in 2010, we have expanded further a field but still today about 70% of our customers are based in Glasgow. We love Glasgow.

A great website can increase your sales and improve your brand image. To most people of today, if your business, brand or company doesn't have a website, in their eyes you don't exist. It's important that when getting a website the web design is of a high quality.

Pretty Klicks' web design glasgow services will ensure your website makes a good first impression and converts website hits into sales.

Our web design services based in Glasgow and Scotland can be used to extend your brand image, create your brand image or reinforce your brand image. We can also provide web design for individuals and artist. Pretty Klicks provide a professional Web Design Glasgow service which works and pays for itself.


Pretty Klicks can take your website and make it better. We can do a full website re-design or just update your website with our web maintenance services. We can even get your current website higher on google using our SEO (search engine optimisation) techniques.

New websites

Pretty Klicks have the web design skills to give you a brilliant new website to improve your business or even start one!

It takes little effort on your part as we have all the knowledge required, we can even provide your hosting and domain. If you have a domain or hosting, then that is fine.

We have an extensive list of features we can implement and offer you in your website to make it stand above the rest (or competition), please see the list below to see what we can include in your web design.

We can make online shops to sell your product or products. This is called Ecommerce, you can read more on Ecommerce websites on our Ecommerce page.

Web Design

Some of our key skills

Whats involved?

The process which is normally complex is kept extremely simple for you. We can manage your domain, hosting and design from start to finish. All you need to do is tell us what you want.

But just so you know... Every website needs 3 main things. A domain (e.g. www.yourdomain.com), Hosting (Online storage space to store and access the website) and the website files. We can add in a 4th one, a good web designer. So we can handle all 4 steps for you as we provide them all.

How much?

Every website is different therefore we can't say how much yours will cost, however if you want to get a quote just get in contact explaining your needs and ideas and we can tell you pretty quickly what price range your website will fall into.

We've recently written a blog post about how much a website normally costs.

Let's get started

So you are ready to take this a step further and want to get a quote?
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