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Professional Bespoke Websites from £500

Get a functional well designed bespoke website that will help your business grow online and offline at a modest price, click next step.

Bespoke websites and digital strategies which deliver ROI from only £500. Does it get any better?

Bespoke Web Design Edinburgh

There's a growing problem that business owners including you from Edinburgh aren't aware of. Ever since the dawn of the internet it's been known that you just need a website to purely showcase your business. However, things have moved on drastically and we're now in a new age where websites aren't just essential but they're integral with business and day to day life, look at how many people are using smartphones. Constantly connected and with a wealth of information at their fingertips only a small search away. This presents great opportunities but also a number of things to be aware of:

If the internet isn’t really your thing and you really don’t want anything to do with it, but you know your business needs a website then that’s fine. We are here to help guide you through the whole process, just pick up the phone and talk to Craig or Stefan or any of the rest of the team, we’re all very friendly yet know our stuff.

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Well hello there!

We're Pretty Klicks, we're Brilliant, we're based in Scotland and we're here to help you.

Pretty Klicks Team

Pretty Klicks are a high quality digital agency who provide bespoke web design, web development, packaging design and branding design in Edinburgh, Scotland. We offer more than just implementation, we develop your strategies based on our own research and diverse experience. Our web design services are also available in Glasgow. We've been around for 3 years and are a young company with a friendly experienced Edinburgh based team of design, development and marketing specialists to boast about.

Our number 1 rule is simple: We don't work with businesses or clients who won't benefit from our Edinburgh based digital & web design services. Our reputation is exceptionally important to us, thats why we work by this rule.

If you're based in Edinburgh and have a web design or branding design project you would like us to work on with you then let's setup a meeting in our Edinburgh offices and we can talk your project requirements over a coffee and you can meet our experienced and superb team. We only take on so many projects at a time to ensure the highest quality for each, so give us a call to discuss or fill out our short contact form to give us more information.

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Our Bespoke Web Design & Development Process

First we need to establish your goals and everything you think your website needs. We will then guide you on the best strategy and way forward to achieve your goals for your website and web strategy. We need to get to know our clients businesses and what their goals are, this is the essential starting point. We then do all the heavy lifting and walk you through the process from ideas, sketches, wireframes and then to design, build and going live with your new bespoke website and digital marketing strategy!

1. Project Scoping

We get to know you and your business, find out your goals, what strategy or plan you have in mind and then we discuss what we need to do and how best to approach it. We will also not be shy to suggest what we think is best for you and your business, it’s in our DNA to tell you what we know and think will work for you and all of our clients - with all of our years of experience and diverse clients we can safely say we know what works and just as importantly, what doesn't.

2. Project Planning

At this point we will have already agreed on a price and have had our first kick off meeting to get the project going. At this stage we internally plan out the timeline, expected delivery and any sign off points for your web project for us to successfully complete it in a timely fashion. This is critical for managing expectations internally with our team and externally with you, the client.

3. UX Wireframing

Once we have a decided the best route for your new website, we produce user experience wireframes to discuss the user journey, page layouts and the website structure. These are all about the journey and flow for a user, you don’t want an experience that is too overbearing and drowns a user with data which could lead them to leaving because they can’t make a decision on what to do next on the page. This is a critical as this can make conversion rates and repeat page visits plummet. This could lead to a new website losing thousands of visitors and customers over years for just one day’s planning and careful mapping.

4. Design

This is where we let our highly talented designers loose with their crayons and actually design the website itself to make it look fantastic with our strategy at the core of it. User experience is important and making your website look good isn’t the only thing we need to consider. "How does the user get from page A to B? How does the user order a product and pay with their card? How will they get in touch? Is it easy for them?" These are all questions we will be asking ourselves whilst we design your beautiful new website and many more in fact, but we won’t bore you with them, that’s why we’re here.

5. Development

Enter the developers (friendly geeks). The technical rockstars! These guys know how to make computers do unthinkable things. Our developers plan and write the code that makes your website a reality from being just a design. We take the design that’s been signed off by you and then start to turn it into code and integrate it into the CMS (content management system). All the while testing the functionality and making sure all works as planned and that it works in as many browsers as possible. We won’t settle for less here, making sure the code is easily maintainable and upgradable in the future is important to us and especially for you.

6. Deployment

Once we're finished and the content is in place we do the finishing touches and final testing (we call those pre-flight checks internally) and then put your website live for the world to see. This is where the fun really begins because now it's time to market your website and optimise it through search engine optimisation, social media marketing and email marketing. Ask us for more information on SEO and our digital marketing skills, we've got the lot.

How Much Does it Cost?

The dreaded question! But you've asked: It depends on how important you think see website as, there's so many solutions out there but the truth is cutting corners costs more in the long run and it can be a key visual feature if you are seen to appear bigger than you are. The good news is web design doesn't have to cost a fortune, a short term investment with long term benefits. We have small business packages which start from £500, this includes a custom designed and built Wordpress template (or other CMS if necessary for the project) built and designed solely around your business and services. The custom template will be mobile responsive and search optimised which is very important as more and more customers are online; 3 Ferraris were bought using a mobile phone in 2013. Testament to the fact that all business' should be online no matter what services they sell. You can read more on our web design prices and what's included.

We've written a blog post about how much a website normally costs.

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We're proud to share what technologies we use on a day to day basis from our Edinburgh office. Our websites are built using PHP, MySQL and we run Linux servers. We use Wordpress, Pyro CMS and various other CMS solutions to power our websites. And when we go hard core and start from scratch we use Codeigniter and other PHP frameworks. For the front-end development we use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and responsive techniques to make sure our websites are mobile and tablet optimised - Clever stuff.

If you're project requires a different language, fear not, we can still help. Just ask one of our team.

What We Believe

A website is usually viewed as quickly thrown together not-very-time-consuming exercise, throw some SEO into the mix and call it a day, this is no longer the case. A website properly optimised is an extension and core of a business and should be viewed as a revenue stream with the capability to expand, grow and be scalable to fit in with your businesses future growth. Our website design and development is a service, we bespokely build, mobile optimise and completely tailor each aspect of the process to your business. We sit down with our clients and talk about the best approach for their business and how to really maximize their strategy and get the most out of your new website and online presence. Why do we go to all this extra effort? We take care of our clients because we want the best possible for them and their business. Be it a completely new website designed and built from scratch or maybe just a facelift to freshen up your site, our designers will take the time and consideration your project deserves. We treat each project as if it were our own.

How you should view a website:

Our Other Services

We're not just designers and geeks who write code, we also have a team who have expertise in online and search marketing, in other words, we can get your website the targeted traffic it needs and deserves to then convert them into customers - we can improve that too. In summary we can provide white hat search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase your websites ranking on Google (and other search engines) along with clever online marketing strategies. We can provide paid search marketing to get instant traffic to your key service landing pages and then we can perform conversion rate optimisation to get the most out of the websites traffic by getting into the minds of the users and tweak and improve the websites design to increase enquiries and sales in Edinburgh, Glasgow or the world!

Our team have a variant of experience in digital fields, we all started in this industry out of a passion for all things digital, start up and bespoke. Building our own products comes naturally and before Pretty Klicks our team were working with multinational organisations that spanned the globe. We understand how stressful starting a new business can be... we had to start somewhere. We get that budget can be tight and that maybe web design and a user experience on your site or correctly optimising can almost be an after thought. That is why we spend the time making sure anything that we build from scratch is done right the first time allowing you to use your newly built website as a stepping stone to push your business on to bigger opportunities and more sales.

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