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Video Design, Production and Editing, Glasgow

Need to add emotion to your brand or to strengthen it? Need to add a video to your marketing campaign? We can do it.

Videos can give your brand, campaign or product life. It can give it a personality and a feel. We belive that videos can create emotional repsonses greater than any other medium when done correctly.

Pretty Klicks offer many video editing and video production services to do exactly what we explained above in Glasgow and the rest of Scotland.

We can make a website to go with your video or marketing campaign.


Animations can be an effective way to capture attention and get a message across quickly and effectively. They can also be great for product launches or teasers. We can do animation videos with any message on them. You describe what you want and we will make it happen.

Video Production & Video Editing

Pretty Klicks can take your video footage for anything you want and make it look attractive and communicate your message across effectively, whilst creating emotion and keeping with your brand. We can edit it in post production to make it look even better and to tie it all together. The editing allows us to add messages and images to increase the impact of your message.

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