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Would you ignore a customer in person? So why do it online!?

We are a social media agency who understand your business needs and will work with you to achieve your goals using social media. We can build your community online and increase leads.

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A Social Media Agency

We are a UK based social media and web design agency and we have it all covered from beginning till end. We understand social media and can make it work for you. We cut the jargon and talk business. We are creative, chatty and results driven. We are Pretty Klicks and we are here to help with your social media.

We are the social media experts

We offer a 5 star service and want to make it as painless for you as possible so you can reap the rewards and look good to your customers without having to spend time researching, creating content and measuring. We will give it to you in plain English and do all that is necessary to build and manage your online community.

It's like a social media buffet

You don't need to take the whole package, you can take little parts of it. We can do the smallest social media task all the way to the biggest campaigns in the world. It's all down to how much you want to take social media seriously.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing


We work with you to produce a content strategy or develop campaign and promotions to launch. This is where we come up with concepts and the voice of your brand and company.


We create the campaigns and the content to publish onto your networks and to your audience. This is where we make ideas come to life.


We publish the content and campaigns to the audience and place it on your networks in the public eye. We drive traffic to your campaigns.


We listen to your audience’s response and reply to them and engage in a 2 way conversation with them with the voice of your brand. We also begin to measure feedback for review.


We collect the data and statistics from your campaigns and social activity. We analyse the data and determine the performance and consider it for the next campaign or content creation. This is where we can measure ROI.

Social Media Services List

Expert Facebook Developers

We are experts in facebook app development we can build canvas apps, page apps, campaigns and more. We can do all research & development, design and implementation. Our main focus throughout this entire process is to make each one a success and measurable. We make sure our apps are optimised to drive results.

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