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White Hat SEO Strategies from an Edinburgh SEO Agency

We work with some of the biggest and smallest companies in Edinburgh & Scotland providing them with a high quality, honest and reliable SEO (search engine optimisation) service offering guarantees based on expertise.

We haven't had a client yet who hasn't seen good results because we work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and goals to help their businesses grow. We then implement our multi search signal strategies combining off-site and on-site SEO techniques to naturally and sustainably increase our clients rankings on search engines (SERPS) which in turn increases their brand presence and traffic to their website.

It's music to our ears when we repeatedly hear “It's paying for itself”. Do you want to be in this position? Then contact one of our approachable team to have a chat about your goals and let's make them happen today.

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Understanding Search Engines and Optimisation

"I want to be on the first page of Google", we hear this phrase a lot and I'm sure countless other SEO providers hear it as well. Google is constantly updating, they average around 1.5 smaller changes per day and ranking factors are in the region of 2-300. Getting a website optimised to rank well on the first page of Google and other search engines can be done, it just takes time a lot of research and little patience.

We only follow the best practices and commit ourselves to Google's very own recommendations along with the advice from industry leading experts (see our blog posts about SEO). This helps us stay ahead of the pack and future-proof your SEO avoiding the chance of your site being penalised. We focus on providing trusted and reliable stragies - bad SEO can cause huge knock on effects to companies and result in being removed from Google's index entirely. That is why we are completely honest and open with our SEO clients, search engine optimisation is a mid to long term strategy, naturally pushing your websites rankings up and fully optimising your website and allowing search engines to view your site in a positive light. Making sure our clients are happy with the results and satisfied with their ROI.

Results Driven SEO

We work with our clients to develop an SEO strategy with set goals, we evaluate and implement and measure. This process works well as it means we can achieve those goals and constantly adapt to the clients needs. We can also have predefined guarantees keeping to keep you mind at ease.


We can make guarantees specific to your SEO goals. These are realistic from both our perspective. Given that SEO results are not strictly in our control and that there are so many different external factors we evaluate realistic goals and if we don't meet them within the agreed time frame, we will keep working for free until we do.

Local SEO in Edinburgh

We can focus on National wide SEO or local SEO. For example we can perform SEO on a local level in Edinburgh and Glasgow or we can target wider keywords for the whole of Scotland or the United Kingdom. If your target market is further afield we can look into targeting an international audience.

Our roots are in Glasgow and we work out of Edinburgh so we understand the local and online SEO landscapes very well. We have been in the top 3 ranking for Web Design Glasgow for 2 years and we are yet to budge.

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SEO Process

1. Goal Setting

We will go into great depth to identify the correct values your business requires and strategies and discuss your business needs and goals to find out what you are trying to achieve. Your goals compared to a competitors or if a certain brand is doing something you would like to follow. For example a certain leading watch company have really set themselves apart from the crowd and you as a tie company would love nothing more than to be identified as the same leader in your market. There are many options and SEO marketing can be just as important as social media, what if a customer attracted to your brand has seen you online or on a social media platform and they then try to find you online and can't... potential sale lost in a matter of a few seconds.

Goal setting in SEO is very much business to business and drastically changes, participation in the whole exercise is key. Flipping the switch and leaving and expecting a flood is no longer how SEO operates, with so many factors effecting SEO, we are working closer and closer to clients to really maximize their chances of making an impact.

2. Research

Based on the goals that you have pre-defined, we research into your website to understand fully how it is ranking, how Google and other search engines view it, if we need to tidy up the site and then the direct competitors in your industry to better understand your industry and how best to pursue your strategy. Additionally we research into the market you are placing your business and the similar surrounding markets to identify trends and where best to position your website. Then we can look into what keywords are best to target for your SEO strategy, this can be from the exact keywords your business is targetting, be it "SEO Companies in Edinburgh" or "SEO Services in Edinburgh", to the kind of services that you offer. We find this to be the best strategy and approach to improve your rankings and keep them there based on our previous clients and our thorough research.

3. On Site Optimisation

This is the process of editing the front and back end of your website for search engine robot crawlers. When they go through your site they will pick up on the keywords and index your site based upon how we have optimised it. This process includes making the appropriate changes to your website's title tags, heading tags and various other factors that tell a robot what the page or site is about and what and how often to re-visit your site. Another important part to mention is link structures as these are very important, you must have properly optimised URL's and slugs. As a web design agency we can completely overhaul and optimise your whole site or if you only need a refresh we have all the necessary expertise.

4. Off Site (Link Building) and blogging (Content Marketing)

We use a whole host of off site techniques to build links to your website effectively. From guest blogging, content strategies, industry links and more. Working alongside our content marketing team we can efficiently deliver high quality to content to help bolster up your website and create an effective strategy to help turn the cog and display your site as an information leader in your own industry which search engines value highly.

Blogging is a big part of what makes SEO tick, if you don't have a blog and aren't blogging there could be a potential that you are losing out on sales and new customer retention. Being seen as an authority and providing your customers (old & new) with valuable information on your industry, be it solely what your company is up to is fine. It could be that big contract you won that is changing the course of your businesses history, you would be surprised what people like to read. Telling your customers about your success is likely to generate repeat business as they are more likely to be willing to associate themselves with a business that is successful than one that is not.

We can spend time with you going over the best way to blog and how to best maximize your online presence, be it intertwining blogging with email marketing to further expose your brand and build a loyal customer email list.

5. Measure & Review

With our professional SEO industry tools we can constantly and consistently collect and measure all the necessary data and statistics from your SEO campaign. This part of the process is very important as we analyse this data to best understand how to best continue, what works in terms of performance with your strategy and tweak certain areas to improve. This allows us to advise our clients on how to improve their ROI during the SEO process.

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SEO Service List

See Our Results

If you need to see results with your own eyes take a look at the follow results we have achieved for very competitive keywords.

"Chanel Glasses"

We have managed to get Pretavoir's website to number 1 using our SEO techniques for the very competitive worldwide keywords "Chanel Glasses".

Search Engine Optimisation Agency Edinburgh

"Web Design Glasgow"

We have managed to get our own website to number 1 using our SEO techniques for the very competitive local keywords "Web Design Glasgow".

Search Engine Optimisation Agency Edinburgh

"Scottish Merchandising Company"

We have managed to get Pixie Dust Merchandising our clients website to number 1 using our SEO techniques for a nation wide search term "Scottish Merchandising Companies".

SEO Agency Edinburgh

"Piano Man Glasgow"

We have managed to get John's website to number 1 using our SEO services for the very competitive local keywords "Piano Man Glasgow".


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