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YeButNo.com - New online social media website.

Ye But No - A social media sharing website. Share anything from videos, whats on your mind, music, photos and pretty much anything! It was completely developed by Pretty Klicks. It was a massive project and is still an on going one. It's a great demonstration of our ability to do full large scale online application developments with on going development. Check it out!


YoudGetIt.com was a project targeted at the students. The idea was - If you saw someone attractive then you could go onto the website and describe them and the location and also check to see if you were put on the website. This was a very intense project being done in 24 hours the whole team took an all nighter. However it payed off divid ends, by the mid afternoon the next day the traffic to the website was extrmely high. We can now report that we had over 200,000 hits in 2 weeks!

We decided to release a iPhone app for youdgetit.com and since it's release it has had a massive number of downloads and people using it.

This project was a grear example of our ability to develop, design and produce results under pressure. It also demonstrates our flair for marketing and the proof is in the pudding.

Pixie Dust Merchandising Website

Pixie Dust Merchandising asked us to design their website. Being 1 of the only merchandising companies in Scotland they asked us to design a website that sells. Not only was it to look good it had to also strengthen their brand and make a good first impression. The second part to the brief was to include basic intial SEO and the third part was that it had to have a staff area so they could add new notes and documents for staff and send out their newsletter from online

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