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On It Tonight is a Pretty Klicks project. The website app has deep social integration with Facebook to create a social experience. The website design is easy to use and has a high conversion rate. We built an iPhone app for the website to allow users to use it on the move. We are proud to present this project to you.

On It Tonight allows you to see where everyone is going on nights out and a break down of gender, age and the total number of people announcing they are going. Users can receive rewards for using the app and the social element increases reach and makes the experience more enjoyable for the users.

Job Vacancy Software for Route 2 Recruitment


Route 2 Recruitment asked us to develop a simple but full solution for managing job vacancies on their website. We developed a full solution which integrated with their current website and was SEO optimised.

The admin area is easy to use and the client has seen an increase in traffic from search engines. In turn this has increased the number of applicants.


A social networking tool used to allow people to sell their services, products or art in exchange for the buyer promoting them on their social network. They can use facebook or twitter to promote the item they are buying. This can have amazingly successful results and can help gain massive exposure for the seller.

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