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We were asked to design this nice little website. The idea was simple. A suggestion a day for people to carry out and as a result if we all do it, the world will be a better place! So we got to it and did a bit of php magic. First of all we made sure it looked really nice. We like what we did with the extremely light weight (in terms of memory) cloud which floats across. It really adds depth. We then made a backend where the user could login and update the suggestion. This wouldn't just update the website, it also instantly and automatically updates the facebook fan page AND the twitter all in one go! Now we're not bragging but that is pretty cool!

Wallace Gait

Harry asked us to design a website and take photos of his apartments to create a web presence for Wallace Gait. We went to the apartments to get a feel of the location, and apartments and took the photos. The photos were used for newspaper adverts and we designed a simple 2 page website to advertise the luxury apartments as well.

Dinos Restaurants Website

Dinos Restaurants in Glasgow approached us asking for a fully functional restaurant website which was split in two for their two restaurants. The design was to clean, an extension to their brand and specifically "not cheesy". We had various meetings to discuss functionality and design. We can up with a clean look with a hint of Italy and spiced up their logo for the website. We added a CMS system to the website so they could update the menus and content whenever they wanted to.

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