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Fishinasub.com Music Blog


Craig from FIshinasub.com approached Pretty Klicks asking for a straight forward blog website with a social media integration.

We decided to utilise the Wordpress open source platform to build this website. We developed a completely bespoke design and branding from scratch and built the template onto a customised version of Wordpress to carry out the functionality requested. We made it as easy as possible for the client to update any aspect of the website.

The client was very pleased with the result and felt we had gone well beyond what he originally had asked for. We are pleased with the result and hope to work with Craig further in the future. Watch out for Fishinasub.com!

On It Tonight Website


On It Tonight is a Pretty Klicks project. The website app has deep social integration with Facebook to create a social experience. The website design is easy to use and has a high conversion rate. We built an iPhone app for the website to allow users to use it on the move. We are proud to present this project to you.

On It Tonight allows you to see where everyone is going on nights out and a break down of gender, age and the total number of people announcing they are going. Users can receive rewards for using the app and the social element increases reach and makes the experience more enjoyable for the users.

Red Plum Consulting Holding Website


Martyn from Red Plum Consulting asked Pretty Klicks to create a very simple landing & holding page for their new company. The website was to contain a simple layout, follow the companies branding and contain a contact form and contact details. The website was on a tight budget and deadline which both were met.

We are pleased with this simple and effective solution and look forward to working with Red Plum Consulting again in the very near future!

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