Why Businesses Should Use Subscription Ecommerce


As discussed previously, subscription ecommerce (or subcom for short) is set to be the next big trend in ecommerce for 2014. If done right, it can be a beneficial and fruitful business model and regular income wins every time, if you ask me. With established businesses already implementing the service, now is definitely better than ever to incorporate this service into your ecommerce model. There are various different ways of setting up and starting a Subscription box business these days but most of them are complicated and costly. We have done the rounds and tried them all and recommend using the platform Subbly to start a subscription box business. We will write up a post about the best Subscription Ecommerce platforms and options to setup your own online store for this type of business soon.

The Different Kinds of Subscription Ecommerce

There are of course many different types of subscription ecommerce service options to incorporate into your ecommerce site. Not to mention the option of offering subscription pricing for a range of products – from a single item such as a bag of coffee to a package of various disposable items. So it’s helpful to consider the following subscription techniques:

  • The first and most common type of subcom service you’ll find is for everyday items. This includes items such as toiletries, coffee and so on. This will most likely appeal to customers who already regularly buy or use such products. Thus, by allowing them choose how often they can have products sent to their door you’re subsequently offering an easy and practical alternative for their shopping needs.
  • Another type of subcom service that is increasing in popularity, is a monthly or periodic surprise and/or sample boxes. From healthy snacks to dog treats, there are countless different items that customers would love to subscribe to. Moreover, this system also provides the opportunity to introduce a wide variety of products to consumers who may have never tried otherwise.

If these two options don’t suit your business model, then this next one might well do the trick.

  • Utilise a targeted approach with a membership pricing model that both attracts and brings in regular customers by offering them exclusive discounts on your products or even access to exclusive products. This method will help you achieve regular visitors as well as brand loyalty.

Increase your online presence with subscription ecommerce

We all know it’s harsh world out there, so getting your ecommerce site noticed can be a task and a half. However, given the recent increase in attention on subscription ecommerce, as well as its current low competition, offering a subcom service could well put you on the map. Stand out from your competitors by offering unique advantages to customers with your subcom services.
This in turn will help spread the word and get the your ecommerce site in front of a larger audience.

Subscription means regular income

Cash flow is the life blood of any business, being able to bring in regular cash is ideal for any business to know exactly where they stand with their ability to grow, for managing their risk and for paying suppliers and their staff.

Subscription Means Loyalty

By offering a subcom service you obtain the valuable opportunity to offer an excellent customer experience and service. It’s important to remember that your subscribers will regularly engage with your company website and products. Even though they may appreciate a discounted price, your customers are also committing to your company and products as subscribers. Therefore as a merchant, your actions can either earn customer loyalty or lose it. In addition, keep your customers happy by regularly providing and upgrading their subscription value. This can be achieved by:


  • Listening to their feedback and consider recommendations. Address any issues or problems your customers may have promptly as there is nothing worse than waiting for a company to solve an issue. So let them know you’re there for them when they need you.
  • Studying the market and offering better subscription options than your competitors. Be different and give your customer a solid reason to choose your company.
  • Making sure the service runs smoothly. From inventory to payment options, it’s important to make the journey easy and enjoyable for a customer.

These are only a few of the reasons and advantages for implementing a subscription service in your ecommerce business. Stay tuned as we reveal more tips and points in the coming weeks that will no doubt benefit your online store.

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