Twitter launches new video app – Vine

In early October last year Twitter sparked rumours of launching a video sharing service when they bought over Vine, a small three man video sharing start up. At the time of the acquisition the company was yet to go public.

Twitter Vine Vide App

However Twitter have launched the Vine app. The application allows users to make six second stop motion videos which can then be uploaded directly onto twitter. It is currently only available on iOS devices however they have stated that they are working towards bringing it to other platforms.

The application is incredibly easy to use and allows you to start and stop recording by holding your finger on and taking it off the screen. These videos can then be uploaded directly onto Twitter and Facebook. The simplicity of Vine is a definite plus it’s easier to use then other already existing video sharing apps and very addictive.

Will Vine become the new Instagram? Or are our twitter feeds going to be overrun with six second video clips of mundane activities? Personally I think it will be a learning curve and I’m bracing myself for a few months of uneventful videos before the real talent begins to show through.

I had a little play with the app in the office and posted the results on our twitter page. Slightly more practice needed I think. For better examples of what the app can produce check out the twitter blog here:

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Update – Porn Issue

Since writing this there has been a lot of reports that Vine is being used for porn. This doesn’t come as a surprise but how are Twitter going to deal with this?

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