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I, like many of my peers, started my university career with the aim of graduating and landing a job automatically in the relevant field of concentration – in my case, law. Naïve? Perhaps, considering I joined university just as the markets were in the depths of doom. Though I didn’t let the gloomy economy impede my plans, I began to lose interest in the degree itself. As time went on I found it more and more difficult to justify a career in the legal field. If I didn’t enjoy the course work, chances are I wouldn’t enjoy the practice itself. So was it a waste of four gruelling years? I wouldn’t say so. In fact it was just what I needed to make me explore other options. Options which I may not have even begun to consider when studying for my Highers.

So what changed my mind? And why the tech sector? Of course, I didn’t suddenly experience an epiphany regarding my career path, in fact it was a good friend of mine who introduced me to the prospects of working in the technology field. He highlighted that although the markets and economy are recovering at a slow pace, the tech sector is growing at an exceeding rate. And it won’t slow down any time soon. Playing with the idea in my mind, working in this field slowly began to make sense. First of all – I love the internet and what it can achieve. It may be a tool for some to watch hilarious cat videos all day but for others, it’s a profession, a skill, hell it’s an art. And most importantly, it’s something I enjoy and have a passion for, which is exactly what I wanted in a job.

My friend who had first recommended exploring the possibilities of the tech industry informed me of a position at a young and dynamic company based in the heart of Edinburgh that was offering exactly what I was looking for. That company was of course, Pretty Klicks.

Twitter, Facebook, reddit, and YouTube are just a few of the social media sites i’ve utilised and watched grow since the age of 15, so one could imagine my excitement  when I found out I had the opportunity to work in a job built around such sites and more.

Fast forward to my first day at Pretty Klicks, and what can I say? It’s exceeded my expectations. I was greeted warmly by the staff who all work close together on various projects with the collective aim of satisfying their client’s needs. It’s exciting to witness how such great work is created from a simple idea. Moreover, in this short space of time I’ve already learned that the satisfaction of clients is one of the best perks of the job – you know you’ve done your job, and you know you’ve done it well. And as a result, you can’t wait to get stuck into another project.

So what about the relevant skills? Easy, you learn them. It’s honestly not that difficult. As if the internet wasn’t impressive enough, it also provides various learning opportunities to help you grasp the tech skills you need. From coding to design, the possibilities are endless. And best off all – they’re free. So why not use your spare time to learn new abilities that could one day land you your ideal job.

Moral of the story – explore your options and look for opportunities in the exciting and fast growing tech sector. With the relevant skills you could one day turn your technology experience into a career.

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