Subscription Ecommerce, The Next Big Thing for 2014


The SubCom (Subscription Ecommerce) Trend

Subscription ecommerce – a service that is spreading throughout the digital and business world like wildfire. Referred to by many as ‘Subcom’ this service model has received a colossal amount of attention in the past few weeks, as various commentators in the industry are predicting it to be the next big thing for 2014.

From coffee and health foods to toiletries and beer – various businesses types are beginning to catch onto the next hot trend. Pioneers in the emerging industry include retail giants Target, Amazon as well as smaller but fast growing businesses such as Dollar Shave Club, Has Bean and even local companies Flavourly and Beer 52.


And it’s not only these companies that are recognising the vast opportunities in ‘Subcom’, Hollywood celebrity Jessica Alba has adopted the service in her new startup The Honest Company which allows its customers to sign up for various monthly bundles of products, has acquired a staggering $52 million in funding. Established in January last year, the Honest Company has been considered a success with double-digit growth since its launch.

The list just keeps growing, and will most likely see a boom in the coming year. So be prepared because this isn’t the last you’ll hear of it as there are big plans for subscription ecommerce. So stay tuned to witness the 21st Century ecommerce world turn a new chapter.

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