Subbly: How to Setup a Subscription Website in 3 Easy Steps

So you have a great back of napkin idea for an online subscription business with a recurring payment billing component. Excellent! And you’ve made the brilliant decision to do so with Subbly, signed up, and created your oh-so-catchy store name. Even better! Here are 3 easy steps to help you transform that idea into an actual online store selling those amazing products (with Subbly assistance, as necessary – they have amazing customer support)!

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Step 1: Create your product(s)

First, determine whether your products will be subscription or one-time. You may already know the answer to this depending on your store concept. From the left hand menu on the admin interface, select “New Product” from the Products dropdown.

After selecting subscription or one-time, you will be able to customize information about the product and how it will be sold.

Subscription details include: shipping intervals, commitment periods, and even a survey questions that you may add to personalize the order for the customer (i.e. preferences, sizing).

One-time details are more basic, involving standard name, description, price, and shipping fees.

Once you’ve finished your inputs, click “Create Subscription” or “One-time Product”, and voila! You’ll find your new product under the appropriate category under Products. Rinse and repeat until fully stocked.

Step 2: Setup your theme a.k.a. storefront

Now that you have products to sell, time to make that undeniably attractive website storefront from which to purvey your goods! If you’ve made one already, you may install code for a widget on your site (found by clicking “embed” next to your product entry) to forward your customers to the Subbly checkout. We’d also be more than happy to help walk you through if needed.

If you’re building the website with Subbly, on the lefthand menu, under “Website Design”, click “Install a Theme”. There are several options for use here, including our existing free and pay themes, even professionally designed themes for a higher fee. You may install multiple themes to draw from should you decide to spice things up later on.

Once you’ve set your active theme, clicking “Customize Active Theme” on the Design menu will take you to your Subbly website editor, on which you can adjust the background photo, fonts, and site navigation. You may also add videos, instagram, photo galleries as grid and slider, and more here.

We trust you’ll do great, but if you need help with the technical details, don’t be afraid to ask!

Step 3: Setup or integrate Stripe

With content and your storefront setup, it’s now time to get down to brass taxes. Subbly has chosen to operate subscription payment processing with Stripe, as it is secure, reliable, and the current standard for subscription business transactions. They also help prevent fraud. Yes, it will deposit that hard earned cash into your bank account as well.

To harness Stripe to your store, go back to the setup page (from the link on the top left setup status menu) and scroll down until you see a “Connect to Stripe” button on the right. Logging into stripe at the top right will give us the permission (which we respect and take seriously) to access your Stripe account.

If you need to setup an account, you may also do so filling out the necessary personal and financial info required below and link it with Subbly afterward.

Celebrate! You’re a functioning Subbly webstore!

Pat yourself on the back and frame that napkin! You’ve got a store that covers enough basics to launch. On you go to bigger and better business…speaking of which, here are some bonus tips to help you become more competitive and in tune with your customers:

  • Connect a uniquely awesome domain name to your Subbly store (once you’ve set this up, you can point it to your Subbly store address if you’re able, or we can help with the specifics). This can help with branding and creates a lasting impression to customers.
  • Create customer questions at checkout to collect valuable customer preferences and information (navigate to Choose a Subscription Survey Flow and create necessary survey questions). This may help personalize future customer subscriptions and properly fulfil the order at hand.

  • Setup your refer-a-friend program built right into Subbly to allow your customers to refer their friends to help you grow your business.
  • Integrate with ShipStation for all of your shipping arrangements (they’ll connect customers with various shipping providers, generate shipping labels, update your Subbly order status, and even send shipping information to customers)
  • Create a blog or additional content on your website (under “Content” on the left) to provide useful information to customers regarding your product

For further assistance and tips, don’t hesitate to contact them, tweet Subbly, follow Subbly on instagram or check our their blog posts. Thanks for reading through, we wish you many happy returns!


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