Pretty Klicks closes down, but a new platform is born

Pretty Klicks was ran by a kick ass team from Edinburgh in Scotland. However the time has come to announce that we no longer operate and I, the founder of Pretty Klicks, have re-allocated my resources to Subbly – The Subscription Box Platform.

It was an absolute blast working with all our amazing incredible clients and achieving new heights of success for them, and even being recognised for our own efforts by being runners up for “High Growth Company of the Year” for 2 separate awards body. But the time has come to close the curtain on this journey and make it official.

I never really had the heart to make a big announcement over this as Pretty Klicks has been such a huge part of my life.

I would like thank all our clients and every supported of Pretty Klicks.

However, all is not lost! I have been super busy working on a really amazing product and building a team around it.

It’s called Subbly. In short: Subbly makes starting a subscription box a breeze.

If you’re interested you can follow me on the Subbly journey in these places:

Subbly on Facebook

Subbly Reviews (if you’re interested.. really just bragging here)

Subbly on Product Hunt (where it all started)

Thanks again!


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