Post-pc and the future of the internet

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. But I’m back!
Today I want to discuss the future of the web and the new term thats been thrown around lately “post-pc”.


What is post-pc?

To me post-pc means that it’s the end of personal computers in the form of desktops and the beginning of mobile movement such as smart phones and iPhone etc…

I think there is some truth behind this. But can we ever deny that we will leave the desktop work station behind completely? I disagree. I for one need a desktop and all of it’s capabilities for development purposes and could not live without my pc.

A friend of mine said he thinks there is no solid ground as until prices of smart phones come down including tablets it’s going to stay just as it is.


Future of the web.

Is big and small… The internet is mutating at the moment. It’s all over the place… geo-location… deals… qr-codes… etc… If we are moving towards being mobile then a lot is going to have to change and all of these separate technologies will have to soon be condensed and winners chosen. A new problem arising for developers of projects and products, they need to decide whether to cater for mobile only, desktop then mobile or just desktop. This increases complications 3 fold. Also all the different types of mobile devices!? Yes.. HTML5 is trying to solve this, but lets be honest it’s really not widely used enough yet – Which I find very unfortunate as I think if we had a much stricter web standard, life would be easier for both developers and the people using the products.


So the future…

I think the internet is outdated and the way it works is going to have to have a change. Facebook is trying to become the internet in itself for socialising and google is the source of knowledge. Is there room for others? There must be.

All I can say is… it’s going to be VERY interesting and I will be keeping a very close eye on it!


What are your thoughts? Where is the internet going and should it be going?




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