How to make a Facebook feed using the Graph API, JSON and jQuery

Hey all,
After scouring the internet for a tutorial I took it on myself (after realising there was none) to teach the world how to use the new cool Facebook graph api with JSON along side with jQuery to make a cool feed for use on websites.

From this you can do anything and even do a live feed using ajax. Maybe i’ll do a tutorial on that sometime soon.

UPDATE: Facebook have recently changed their api and policy. To access a feed now requires an access token. We will create a new tutorial soon. P.S. Please don’t copy the code in the source on our working feed, this will expire and is insecure to use on your own website, thanks.

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CRITICAL NOTICE: There was a security vulnerability kindly pointed out by Rick, this can be fixed very easily. Please update your code. See below!

Check out our demo here: DEMO

So first things first. You need to set up your page for jQuery by adding the lines:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
You need to place this into the tags.


Now we need to identify where our json results are coming from facebook and the url for it so we can fetch the data.

This is our url for Pretty Klicks:

Notice the /feed this is because we need to tell facebook not only is it the username prettyklicks but also we want to get the results for the feed. We’re not done yet. We need to add some extra things to the url.

First of all we called the limit parameter to tell facebook we only want the 5 latest wall posts and more importantly we added callback=? This is because JSON is not meant to work cross domain. Therefore so we can work around this and to help jQuery set the callback itself and then process our JSONP we add the ‘?’ to let jQuery do it for us.

Parsing the JSON result with our jQuery function

Right so now we need to create our javascript to parse the json results. I have commented the code to show you what each bit does.

function fbFetch(){
//Set Url of JSON data from the facebook graph api. make sure callback is set with a '?' to overcome the cross domain problems with JSON
var url = "";

//Use jQuery getJSON method to fetch the data from the url and then create our unordered list with the relevant data.
var html = "<ul>";

//loop through and within data array's retrieve the message variable.
html += "<li>" + $('<div>').html(fb.message).text() + "</li>";

html += "</ul>";

//A little animation once fetched
$('.facebookfeed').animate({opacity:0}, 500, function(){
$('.facebookfeed').animate({opacity:1}, 500);

(I just broke it into 3 sections to make it easier to read)

Now we have our function set in thewe need to set out our html and initiate the function onload. Our html should look something like this at the very least.

<body onLoad="fbFetch()">
<div class="facebookfeed">Loading...</div>

And thats a wrap! All we need to do now is style it out.

Check out our demo here: DEMO

And lastly please feel free to comment. Feel free to use this script. All we ask is you follow us on twitter @PrettyKlicks

Hear about updates to this tutorial?

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