Is E-commerce As We Know It, Dead?


The e-commerce industry has recently seen a renovating development that could change the way we see the industry entirely. Zookal, an Australian textbook rental startup recently announced a new book delivery service that is set to launch next year. Now this is not just any ordinary service, but one carried out solely by drones. The young company behind the technology, Flirtey have teamed up with Zookal to use hexacopters (drones with six rotors) – to deliver study materials. So why drones? Well, the aim of this innovative service is to shrink postal costs and finally eliminate the issue of missed deliveries by tracking the location of the receiver’s mobile phone.

The drone technology was previously only available to the military and universities is now to become commercialised for anyone to use. This means that you can order any goods or services and have it flown directly to your phone. This as we know it, is a game changer for the e-commerce industry.

Flirtey Zookal flight from The PR Group on Vimeo.

The mode of delivery that we’ve used for years will see a complete renovation that some see, as the beginning of a new technological era. With the option of having products delivered directly to you no matter where you are, whether monthly or weekly at whatever time you choose, the current e-commerce model seems significantly out-dated.

So what exactly is next for e-commerce? Well, as you may have noticed, various e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Birchbox have recently adopted a subscription based e-commerce model to offer to their customers – whereby for a certain cost per month a customer receives their selected products straight to their door without having to re-order the same items each time. Ultimately, saving them time and possibly even money. In this sense, it’s easy to see how the Internet has further proven how convenient it is to shop online instead of in store. From books to razor blades, if consumers find they need to purchase items on a frequent basis, they’re likely to opt for the online experience in stead of going in store. This is most likely the case when given the option to sign up once and automatically receive the product each month. As a service, subscription based e-commerce is proving popular and growing at an exceeding rate.

We are certainly living in pivotal times, as well as this emerging e-commerce service, companies such as Zookal are demonstrating how drones, robots and the like will soon become an integral feature in society, catering to our everyday needs. Now of course, it has been said for years that “robots are the future”. But at this point, it’s becoming a reality.

This reality obviously leads to a lot of questions on what we should expect to see change in the near future. From drone deliveries to self driving vehicles, we can’t help but wonder if everything will soon be automated. Is the human race getting lazier as a result? Will people be out of work as automation takes over their role? It’s hard to give specific answers at the moment for obvious reasons, however, seeing technology take this exciting direction at such an accelerated rate shows that we may know the answers to these questions quite soon.

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