Greenscapes and Opportunities in SEO Still Exist.

A lot of people starting businesses are put off by the mountain ahead. It’s what separates the men from the boys and women from the girls. But every now and again there lies an opportunity for the taking which means the mountain is amore like a hill with a really big reward at the top. It’s rare but they are out there.

I’m speaking specifically with relation to SEO and how it can be super difficult to achieve rankings with some keywords over others, mainly this is due to how saturated and competitive a space has become of the years since it has hit the internet.

However as trends change and industries evolve and are even created there are some hidden gems or “greenscapes” as they are often referred to.

Competition Is Key

Let’s look at some previous industries we’ve worked with: Estate Agents, Photo Booth Companies, and even Drain Cleaners. All of these are highly competitive niches online and require a heavy investment, reputation and time to get anywhere near the top of Google.

However there are emerging markets where it’s not overly competitive and one I’m going to talk about today is: e Juices and e Liquids which are used for Vaping and E-Cigarettes.

Knowledge Wins

Recently I met with a friend who told me he’d stumbled across something exciting. e Liquids and e Juices. He told me how it was a greenscape for SEO and he believes he can make a ton of money from it.

So naturally he asked me to help and I started digging…

Right enough, the competition was present but lagging in terms of SEO and online presence. Crazy considering the volumes and revenues these guys are moving.

With a little research, competitor analysis and SEO know how you can win big. There are still opportunities on the internet still, and there always will be. So stay motivated and excited for what might lie ahead.

Be Ready, Always

The moral of the story is: Always be prepared and always move fast when these opportunities appear. If you know SEO great, if you don’t learn some basics and make some good connections who you can trust (like me!). SEO is only one inbound marketing strategy admittedly but it’s powerful as heck when you get it right.


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