Free Website Privacy Policy Template

We know how frustrating and dull the legal information requirements for a website are. That’s why we’ve taken the time to write our own one for your usage for free! Don’t say we’re not nice… Just look at our Facebook.

What is a Privacy Policy?

You might be wondering “What is a privacy policy?“. Therefore we’ve also compiled a tutorial for you to learn what a privacy policy is but also how to write a privacy policy if you want to know what’s involved if you’re interested. Take a read here.

Licensing & Attribution

Creative Commons License

We’ve released this privacy policy template under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. So feel free to use it but please make sure you give credit and link back to us 🙂 – It’s all we ask.

Future Updates

Feel free to make suggestions and improvements and send them to us and we will update this post. We might make changes ourselves so stay tuned. Follow Pretty Klicks on Twitter.

Download The Privacy Policy Template

Let’s get started. It includes the HTML for you to just copy onto your website immediately and also a PDF version. Don’t forget to edit your company or website name into it before you put it live!

We have left the “Cookie Policy” section blank to link to a separate policy (as it is just now) or for you to enter your own. Check out our Cookie Policy Template available for free as well.

Download Here


We’re not qualified legal experts and this should serve as a guide or starting point only.

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