Forward Friday – You don’t (always) need a Business Plan

Forward Friday

Hey hope you had a great week!
Very quick Forward Friday this week as I’m just about to go meet some friends for a few pints down the pub!

In-fact I think I’m going to have a pint of Tennents! What’s your favorite pint?

Anyway, this week is about why you don’t need a business plan especially if you are starting it on the internet.
I heard a quote today on a radio interview with one of the founders of The Next Web, Boris

“I try to persuade them not to write a business plan … but just start with something”
Boris – Radio interview on

The radio interview can be heard here:

This got me thinking. And it’s so true. You can end up wasting time writing business plans forever but it doesn’t get you closer to actually starting the business or company! If you can start something right away to get the ball rolling then do it! There is no time like the present, and if it doesn’t work then I you probably saved the hassle of writing one out. Never underestimate the power of now!

The idea of just starting with something, be it small and just the basic concept, you can quickly see how it will work and if it will work.

DON’T get me wrong, I am not saying don’t write a business plan, business plans are great for being able to show to potential investors and other business men or partners. In fact I can think of a tone of situations where it is very useful and necessary.

Also writing down plans is always a good thing, it just doesn’t have to be formal and long winded. As long as you understand it and can refer back to it yourself then it’s a good system to help you digest lots of ideas at once.

But the lesson here is, just get the ball rolling if you can, business plan or not.

So there we have it, some food for thought. make sure to have a listen to the interview, some other interesting things he says which should be taken note of.

Anyway that’s all for this weeks Forward Friday! make sure you are back here next week, and as per usual this is an open and fluid discussion. So get commenting. I will happily add interesting points into the actual article.

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Enjoy your weekend!
Your host,

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