Facebook Announces Admin Permissions and Page Post Scheduling Today

We recently were informed by an insider that Facebook are planning on announcing the launch of Page Admin Permissions and Page Post Scheduling.

Recently Facebook has been testing page offers and sponsored / promoted posts from within the page post composer off the back of the Facebook IPO which has also proven to be a bit of a sham. It comes as no surprise that Facebook are trying everything they can to increase their revenues for their share price which is their new focus, naturally.

In light of this along with a huge variety of new features being tested for businesses and pages specifically (the ones willing to pay) Facebook are announcing today the release of Admin Permissions and Page Post Scheduling and will be rolling this out to all pages.

All we can say is…Finally! It’s been a long time coming.


Admin Permissions

Until now every admin has had the same privileges which has caused issues and is the reason so many employers have introduced contracts with their employees or anyone who needs to become an admin of a page to protect it. Admins could delete other admins… you can see where this is going already. This in most cases caused many companies to just create “shell” Facebook accounts to run pages from, but this isn’t so good either, especially from Facebooks perspective.

Today Facebook have finally solved this issues with different “roles” for admins with different levels of permissions. There are 5 “levels” and to change admin permissions navigate to the page then click edit page -> admin roles and select the role for each admin and save.

Facebook Admin Roles & Permissions


Please find the break down of roles and their permissions here:

Facebook Admin Roles & Permissions

Find the above table on the Facebook FAQ’s. And below in plain text..

Level 5: Manager

Can manage permission levels of other admins
Can add/remove admins
Can do everything a content creator, moderator, ads creator and insights analyst can do

Level 4: Content Creator

  • Can post all types of updates
  • Can change the profile pic or cover photo
  • Can edit basic information
  • Can create pinned posts
  • Cannot add or remove admins or manage permission levels
  • Can do everything a moderator, ads creator, and insights analyst can do

Level 3: Moderator

  • Can comment on or like anything on the Page
  • Can curate comments and block users
  • Can send a message to a fan
  • Can do everything an ads creator and insights analyst can do

Level 2: Advertiser

  • Can target the Page ID in ads from any ad account
  • Can do everything an insights analyst can do

Level 1: Insights Analyst

  • Can view Insights for the Page
  • Can see the list of blocked users, fans and admins
  • Can invite people to like the Page

As you can see this is very useful for managing teams of people rather than having to rely on creating “shell” accounts or using external paid services such as hootsuite.


Page Post Scheduling

You will now be able to schedule posts up to 6 months in advanced and up to every 15 minutes. This can be done from the post composer box. The timezone for each post will depend on the timezone of the admin composing the post. It may take a while for you to receive this feature.

Facebook Schedule Posts

This also has some massive advantages and removes the need for external services such as hootsuite. Apart from the known fact that external page management tools such as hootsuite actually get less exposure due to a lowered edgerank score by Facebook. Don’t completely overlook external tools yet though they still have their advantages and place.

What do you think of the introduced changes and what do you think the impact on services such as hootsuite will be? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @prettyklicks

Thanks for reading.

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