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Carlos De Rio: Where Google is Heading in 2014

Carlos De Rio A conversion rate optimisation and landing page expert and founder of In your opinion, is Google headed in the right direction with Panda and all its algorithm updates, or do you think Google can and should be doing more to ensure integrity of their search results? CDR: I think that Google […]

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Top 5 SEO Companies in Glasgow by Search

Pretty Klicks was previously based in Glasgow and we do still offer SEO services to companies or individuals in the area, only recently did we make the bold move through to Edinburgh in the last two years. Out of our own curiosity we thought it would be interesting to find out what is happening with […]

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Is Google Heading in the Right Direction? Neil Patel Shares His Views on SEO in 2014

Neil Patel A Seattle based entrepreneur, analytics expert and cofounder of companies Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. Introduction In any tough industry there is always some mystical demi-gods who appear to better understand what is going on than most. In this three part series, we will find out from some of the industries best about their […]

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