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Free stuff: Scottish Themed Vector Pack

What does everyone love more than free stuff? Free vector packs, yup, anytime saved is time spent to go and wander the hills of Scotland and time well spent at that! Grab your craft ale, deer head, haggis, bagpipes, kilt and leave your castle for the magnificent weather of Scotland. Alternatively you could just download […]

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Guide and advice on DIY websites

Here at Pretty Klicks we know that not everyone is best suited to a bespoke web solution, so we thought it best to give people an idea of when it’s best to use a DIY website and when not to. There can be a fine line for both as you want to strike a balance […]

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Guide and Advice on DIY Ecommerce

Selling online is big business and thanks to lots of nice developers building the perfect free ecommerce solution it’s now very easy to set up your own free online ecommerce shop. The ecommerce industry as a whole is huge, as I’m sure you already know! A very good example to start with is Amazon. How […]

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