Carlos De Rio: Where Google is Heading in 2014


Carlos De Rio


A conversion rate optimisation and landing page expert and founder of

In your opinion, is Google headed in the right direction with Panda and all its algorithm updates, or do you think Google can and should be doing more to ensure integrity of their search results?

CDR: I think that Google is headed in the correct direction with the Panda updates. The return of valuing page content is a positive in my opinion. I still think there are improvements to be made. Currently the search results pages have too much commercial intent represented.

Content marketing plays a big role in most SEO companies. What are your thoughts on this SEO strategy, and how do you go about it?

CDR: Content marketing is fine, but it has to have a business purpose or it won’t net any kind of revenue. Most of the content that people are putting out is shortsighted and doesn’t lead to real business value.

What do you think about Google’s decision on missing keyword data? Is it a good or bad change from an SEO point of view?

CDR: It is a bad change. People who have been in the industry for a while aren’t hurting because of it, but I think that it makes it much harder for small businesses to compete. By making organic listings and traffic more obscure Google is pushing people into using the easier paid products. I wish that Google put more time into making the paid products better, rather than the organic product more difficult.

How much of your time do you spend on social media marketing in general?

CDR: We spend about 10% of our time on it.

What is the most valuable SEO software in your tool set?

CDR: Screaming Frog gets the most love from us.

We know that Google has the biggest market share in Europe. Do you specifically optimise your websites to other search engines or focusing solely on Google?

CDR: We try to focus on users and customers. Search engines are a secondary concern. If you are dependent on Google your business isn’t going to be stable and healthy.

What’s most important piece of advice on how a start-up should market their company to place themselves on the industry’s map?

CDR: Choose something to be good at. Make sure you have a clear communication of what you care about and how you are going to serve you customer base.

What’s your top tip on conducting SEO for future proof websites?

CDR: Focus on understanding your customers and talking to them. Content still is king, respond to what your customers say and focus in on their needs. Keep trying and keep evolving with them.

In a world consumed by Google sometimes business’ can be shortsighted and really applying to much focus and time on only Google and not really thinking about a strategy as a whole is the point Carlos was trying to make. Focus on a strategy as a whole but have plan b,c,d,e,f etc. Use Google to your advantage where you can as for many it is a lifeline, sad but very true. Thinking about how customers view you and take a step back and think am I really doing the right thing for me and my business. Whilst thinking about where your business could be in 3 years, think about where it could be in 50 and take a view that a sustained constantly re-tweaked growth is just as important as hockey stick growth.

Do you agree with what Carlos and Craig had to say? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts on their opinions.

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