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Glasgow tweet up!

Hey, I recently heard word of mouth that there is what is a called a “tweet up” taking place in Glasgow. Just out of the sheer curiosity and being a twitter user myself I have decided to take it on to go along and see what it is all about! It’s easy to get involved […]

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Mindset in Business and how much it affects success.

Welcome to this weeks Forward Friday. This week after a few advancements to Pretty Klicks I decided to discuss how mindset can affect your business and help guide it to success. It’s pretty self explanatory but here it is! Enjoy!

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The importance of a website for your business

Hot off the press, how a website and online presence are so important for growth in business. This is from Google’s new small business blog. I thought this was a great example of how a website can help your business dramatically if done correctly! If google are saying it then that says something! Pretty Klicks […]

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