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On It Tonight is here….

Very proud and excited to announce the release of On It Tonight! After months of hard work in between normal work I (Stefan Pretty) have managed to develop this website where you can see where everyone is going on their nights out and get rewards for using it as well. Check out and sign up […]

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Post-pc and the future of the internet

Hi all, It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. But I’m back! Today I want to discuss the future of the web and the new term thats been thrown around lately “post-pc”.   What is post-pc? To me post-pc means that it’s the end of personal computers in the form of desktops and the beginning […]

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Do I need a website or can I just be social?

Today I was delivered into my aggregated RSS feed news a new post from The Next Web and it was all about wether as a business a website was necessary and if they should just migrate everything onto social media website such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s an interesting read and makes some valuable points. […]

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