After a long silence Pretty Klicks has gone Social!

Hey reader!

First of all apologies for the long silence on our blog. There’s a reason for this. Read on.

Behind closed doors we’ve been working hard, researching, training and sharpening our tools to bring a new offering to our customers and clients. Social Media. We’re now calling ourselves a Social Media Agency and of course are still based in Glasgow.. for now.

social media glasgow

Yup the big SM. Everyone talks about it and no one understands it. Some people rave at how amazing social media is and others frown upon it as a waste of time.

Well first of all, lets nip that one in the bud; it’s most definitely not a waste of time.

The way we like to look at it is like this: You wouldn’t ignore your customers in person would you?.. No.

Social Media is a way of building a community around and with your customers to have a 2 way conversation with them and to keep your brand and service in their minds and potentially increase leads. Above all else, it’s exceptional for managing customer relations and customer service.

We have the tools and the knowledge to help manage your social media for you and effectively at a good cost. Read more on our new shiny social media agency page.

See you there!

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